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This is an exmaple where I try to simulate placing the menu inside a table. For the menu to work properly the menu items have to be positioned absolute (if not it will not work in NS4), therefore we CANNOT place the menu inside a table for real, but we can make place it where it would have been if it was inside the table with a little extra code.
We use a fill image inside the TD to force the size of the TD to the size of the menu. We know that the table is 100% so we can try to find out where to place the menu using the cmpage object (it's an object that holds the size of the page, see the documentsize tutorial at for more information).

In this case the only position that changes is the left position, so we use cmpage.x2 which is the total width of the page to figure out where the menu should be placed.
If you look at this in different browsers, you'll see that it's not perfect, so in the code of this example I made a little check that checks for NS4 and does some small changes.
If the top position of the menu is supposed to change as well, depening on the content or something we can do a little different approuch: