As you can see in this page there are form elements. In Netscape 4 and Opera there's a bug that makes ALL form elements get the highest z-index. That means that the form elements "shines" trough the elements. In explorer, netscape 6 and opera this only goes for select boxes. So I have made a check that you can turn on (oCMenu.checkselect) that checks for select boxes and hides them if they come in the way of the menu. Unfortunatly this can not be done in Netscape so I have added another workaround to that problem on this page. Surround your entire form with a ILAYER tag (ilayers are positioned relative by default). Add a id to the layer and show it onshow and hide it onhide. I have also surronded it with a div called "formDiv" that I hide and show for Opera.

See the source-code for more information.