Nancy's Party

Del Mar, CA
Saturday, September 16, 2000
The Story In Pictures

Nancy Fisher
What's Here? Pictures of People
Part 1
Ethertons, Blairs, Whitney Todd, John Leftwich, Roger Hillbrook, Colleen Gosney, Caitlin Leeger, Dave Holmerud, Jack Gosney, Myron Dalager
Part 2
Swansons, Dick Goodman, Whitney Todd, Jim Jack, Laurie Wilson, Nancy Fisher
Part 3
Mintons, Whitney Todd, Janet Swerdlow, Patrick Berrogain, Debbie Etherton, Evelyn Chapin
Part 4
Ulrike Chapo, Janet Swerdlow, John Leftwich, Susan Beere, Nancy Fisher
Part 5
Chapins, Jim Jack, Larry Minton, Whitney Todd, Monte Etherton
Pictures of Musicians
The Band
Peter & Tripp Sprague, John Leftwich, A.W., John Minchin, Duncan Moore, Virginia Igonda, Nancy Fisher
Peter's Movie
Peter Sprague
The Other Band
Larry Minton, Monte Etherton, David Blair, Chip Chapin

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