Lois and Steve's Wedding

Page 2 -- The Flower Ceremony

Besides the natural beauty of the setting, and the intrinsic importance of the occasion, we were also graced by an unusual and touching ceremony in which Lois, Steve, and Steve's daughter Tera took flowers from three individual vases and arranged them together in a new and larger vase, previously empty.

The pictures on this page are "animated GIFs" made from sequences of still photos. Some computers may have trouble animating all three at the same time. In that case try clicking on each image in turn to open it in a separate window.
Animation 1, Steve, Lois and Tera start the flower ceremony. Lois, Steve, and Tera begin the flower ceremony together.

Animated GIF (1.3MB).  Once these load they should loop continuously.  Please be patient while they load.

"Steve, your flowers go here. No wait, that can't be right..."

Animated GIF (1.4MB)

Animation 2: Arranging the flowers.
  Animation 3: The kiss! "Ya wanna kiss?"
"(tee hee) OK!"

Animated GIF (1.3MB)

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