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Links to other Half-Life resources. Besides general HL links, there are sections for server administration and map editing.
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Get 'em Fast
Player Stats
Ever wonder how your playing compares with other people on the net? The CLQ (Champions League for Quake) collects limited player stats from Quake and Half-Life servers all over the net.  You should be able to find your own player name here.
Paint Shop Pro
Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7

Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7 is the latest version of this hugely popular image editing utility. This is what uses and recommends for creating personal logos and editing crosshairs.

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If the articles here at haven't answer your questions try some of the many other excellent Half-Life resources on the net.


Planet Half-Life
Excellent site, with links to everything under the sun.
Another outstanding site for general Half-Life information. Includes many hosted sites for Half-Life mods
Visit RideFlame's cool and eclectic Half-Life site. If you like to browse, and revel in Half-Life rumors, lore and legend, this is one of the most fun places to visit.
I.Am/Half-Life | Everything for Half-Life
Site sponsored by, it modestly claims to be the "biggest and best Half-Life site on the Web." Well, it does have a lot of info.
The Half-Life Beginners Guide
Name says it all.
File Planet
A major source for all sorts of downloads, including game mods and editing tools.
Official Sierra Half-Life site
Not as useful as you might think, but there is some support available, news and links.
Official Valve Software site, great source for accurate news about what's going in new game development.  But not much help for current issues in playing HL or designing maps/levels/mods for it.
Index site consisting solely of links to game sites. Their Half-Life section is a good place to look for new links.

Server Administration

Command Center
Best general resource for server administration.  This is where I learned how to do it. See especially: Newsgroups
Game server admins maintain a number of valuable Half-Life related newsgroups.
Counter-Strike Server Admin Resources
Most CS admin tools are useful for Half-Life servers as well. This site is a good source after you've already been running a server for a while.
Half-Life Admin Mod
A "mod" for HL which supports more sophisticated server administrationNot for beginning server administrators.
Logfile analyzer for Half-Life and mods.  Provides detailed statistics on how each player has fared. It's GPL'ed.
Another logfile analyzer for Half-Life and mods. Log_Anal requires Java, produces HTML pages.

Map/Level Editing

Interested in creating your own maps? It's fun but time consuming. Here are a set of resources that will not only get you started but will actually get you well on your way. The ERC is the place to start.

Half-Life Editing Resource Center (ERC)
Of all the sites for editing, this one has far and away the best tutorials and references.  The entity reference is essential.
Planet Half-Life Editing Resource Page
Gateway page to lots of different editing resources, all hosted on Planet Half-Life.
Half-Life Programming Planet
This is Valve's own resource for level editing.
Half-Life Model Viewer (hlmv)
hlmv is an indispensible tool for not only rendering models but also viewing and unpacking .pak files.
Rust -
Parent location of the ERC and other hosted sites.
Gladiator Bot and...
Winbspc decompiler
MrElusive wrote winbspc to help his Gladiator bot.  I haven't used Gladiator, but winbspc is great.  Among other things, it decompiles .bsp files into .map files.  I used this to figure out how to trigger the fireplace in El Cabrito.
David Hyde's tool for generating terrain surfaces. Very useful if you want a natural-looking landscape in your map.
Map Format
This ERC-hosted document by mapping wizard autolycus describes the content of .map files.

Other Resources

For Maps, Models and Crosshairs ...

Visit the corresponding pages here at the :

For On-line Player Stats

The CLQ (Champions League for Quake) collects limited player stats from Quake and Half-Life servers all over the net.  You should be able to find your own player name here.

"Top 100" Half-Life Web Sites counts hits and collects comments on many Half-Life and Counter-Strike sites. Unfortunately, some of the sites appear to spend all day recording bogus hits in order to cheat the statistics. Shills make many bogus evaluations in order to inflate their own ratings or tear down someone else's. Well, we are gamers after all... Nevertheless, this is still a good way to find some sites that might otherwise remain undiscovered.

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Maps, Models and Crosshairs
Links related to these important topics are with their respective pages here at the . See

Where to Get Half-Life
Half-Life isn't free; you need to buy it. Internet play requires a CD Key number, which only comes with a Half-Life CD. You can't really share CD Keys because they are authenticated before you begin an internet game.

For "deathmatch" play you need either the Half-Life: Game of the Year Edition (now bundled with the Opposing Force expansion and sold as the Half-Life: Adrenaline Pack), or the new Half-Life Counter-Strike release (below).

If you are serious, you'll want both. You can save quite a bit of money by getting the complete set, newly bundled as the Half-Life Platinum Edition.

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