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Using Player Models

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More than 30 of the best player models, reviewed (with pictures) and offered for download. There are also some brief explanations of model usage.
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Model Resources
Cold Fusion Half-Life Model Resource
The best source I've found for new models. This site includes intelligent reviews, downloads, and links.

Half-Life Model Viewer
or HLMV. This is a "must-have" tool for not only rendering models but also viewing and unpacking .pak files.

MilkShape 3D
Mete Ciragan's premier tool for model editing and development.


TweezerTip™: Invisible Men
Some models can be very hard to see, either through small size (e.g. kermit) or dull colors. This confers an obvious advantage on their users, which can be useful if you want inexperienced players to have more fun in your group.

Just remember: if you choose a model that confers an unfair advantange, your opponents can strike back by either deleting it from their systems (making you appear in the highly visible helmeted HEV suit) or using it themselves.
Iron Giant Iron Giant

Iron Man Iron Man

Kermit Kermit
Santa Santa

Scuba Scuba

Silencer Silencer

Tigger Tigger
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What is a Player Model?

You've seen the Half-Life configuration screen where you choose between various characters. In the standard game you can play as "gordon", "scientist", "zombie" and a few others. Each of these characters is represented by a player model and you can download many more of them if you wish. Player model customizations are one of the special touches that keep multi-player Half-Life fresh and fun.

A player model is more than just some pretty graphics. Besides the skin, or surface image, it includes a 3D model of the body, a skeletal structure and a series of skeletal movement animations. While most player models use the original skeletons and animations done by Valve (developers of Half-Life), the best models include customized skeletal animations to achieve a personality all their own. Like mapping, these models are a fascinating art form in their own right.

Downloading Player Models

makes available a limited selection of high-quality player models for download. Basically, these are the ones my friends and I use. After downloading a model please follow the installation instructions in the next section.

Because of site bandwidth and storage limitations, we ask that you please register and login before downloading models. Thank you.

Model Name Date Added Comments
Baboon 20000930 Humanoid baboon w/tail. His bright red rear end may stand out :-). A simple model in otherwise low-contrast tones.
Barnes 20000929 The giraffe's revenge. A simple model in low-contrast camouflage tones.
Biker 20000929 Scarecrow on a unicycle? Outstanding model, with great animations in how the unicycle is handled. Always a favorite, and hard to see.
Blade 20000930 Ugly guy in black t-shirt w/skull. A simple model that one of my colleagues likes.
Blindeye 20000929 An even uglier one-eyed guy in futuristic costume. A simple model in subdued tones.
Bunny 20000929 Brown rabbit with an attitude. Long ears could be a give-away. Simple model -- use him at Easter. See also "cyberbunny".
CCSakura 20000929 Anime girl in white "jester" outfit. Outstanding skeletal animations of the costume and braids, plus a nice 360 in the long-jump make ccsakura one my favorites. She's high-visibility, however.
Cyberbunny 20000929 Tasteful chrome textures accent a black bunny, still with the long "shoot me" ears. Simple model, see also "bunny".
Darth Maul 20010211 Low-contrast dark figure affords good camouflage except for his flame-red face. A simple model of the Star Wars character, included by request.
GSTC (Gene Stealer) 20000929 Large monster with additional skeletal appendages (including a tongue) and custom animations. The long-jump is especially nice.
Handy Smurf 20000929 Little blue guy with a pencil behind his ear. White pants & hat. See also "smurf". The Smurfs are small and can be difficult to see. Simple model.
Hibari 20000929 Simple model of red-haired anime girl with pink bow and red mini-skirt.
Handy Smurf
Handy Smurf
Iron Giant 20000929 Simple model of the the cartoon movie robot in medium-contrast gray.
Iron Man 20000929 Red and yellow chromes make this a high-visibility choice. Simple model
Kermit 20000929 Very small and cute. Even if you see him you won't want to shoot him. Best choice for stealth players.
Knute and Bolte 20000929 Well-executed symbiotic duo. Rather large, so easily seen. The model is simpler than it looks.
Major K 20000930 Dark woman in black leather suit, very low visibility. Simple model.
Mandalorian 20000930 The better of the two Bobba Fett (Star Wars) models I've seen. A simple model in low contrast camouflage tones.
Onna 20000930 Very cute anime girl in blue jean shorts and white tank top. Simple model.
QTZ 20010211 Anime boy with frozen arm and backwards baseball hat. The frozen arm looks like a silver stick. Outstanding skeletal animations of the hair and the frozen arm make this one of the best models I've seen. Jump and long-jump are both superb.
Rigell 20000929 Red-haired anime boy in fur-trimmed brown shorts. Skeletal extension in headband is subtle, not used much. Nice long jump, but the funniest is that he skips instead of walking.
Santa 20000930 Once a year... A simple model. The muted red suit is not too bright.
Scuba 20000929 Scuba diver in full wet suit, w/fins. Basically a simple model, but check out the way he walks.
Silencer 20000930 Low-visibility camouflage "lambda" uniform on a simple model.
Smurf 20000929 Much like Handysmurf, only no pencil. This one has green pants and hat.
Tigger 20000929 The stuffed tiger from Winnie the Pooh. This was the first non-builtin model I ever saw. Simple model with high visibility neon colors, but still fun.
TrinityRAGE 20000929 The best of the two Carrie Anne Moss/"Matrix" models I've seen. One of my favorites, this is a great looking skin with several custom animations.
Tsugumi 20000929 Yet another excellent anime girl. Black hair with red bow and red skirt, includes very precise skeletal animation of her long locks, both front and back. Watch the hair move when she shoots. Long jump includes double-twist.
Turgeon 20000929 A simple model with a very well executed skin of the famous hockey player. He's got in-line skates -- too bad he uses standard animations :-(.
USCM 20000930 Another simple model with a well done skin, this of a "U.S. Colonial Marine" from the movie Aliens. Good low-contrast camouflage.
Yoda 20000929 The Star Wars character. Very small with slightly higher visibility than Kermit. Standard animations.
Yodan 20000929 A large monster featuring a nicely animated tail. Very highly visible due to its size: sometimes the tail even sticks through walls to give away the position. Yodan features a number of original animations, though the effects are quite subtle.

Installing New Models

Half-Life model files must be installed in the Half-Life\valve\models\player\ directory. Each model requires its own subdirectory, and the name of the subdirectory must match the name of the model.

So, for example, the "ccsakura" model files are installed in a directory called Half-Life\valve\models\player\ccsakura\.

If you download my zip files, you should unpack them into the Half-Life\valve\models\player directory. The appropriate subdirectory for each model will be created automatically. If your system doesn't know how to unpack the zip files, you probably need to install WinZip.

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TweezerTip™: Why all the Helmets?

Have you ever wondered at the apparent popularity of the helmeted HEV suit model in games on the internet?

About 93% of the time the players you see with this model are actually using one that just doesn't happen to be on your system. If a requested model is not found, your system will use the helmeted HEV suit.
TweezerTip™: Change Models During a Game
You can easily change models in the middle of a game without using the configuration screen. Just bring down the console (type "~" (tilda)) and use the model command. For example:

model ccsakura

will change to the "ccsakura" model.
CCSakura CCSakura

Cyberbunny Cyberbunny

Darth Maul Darth Maul
One Final Note
Remember... unless the people you play with have installed the model that you are using, they will only see Mr. Helmet. In order to work as intended, models must be installed on the machines of everybody who is playing.
Knute and Bolte Knute and Bolte

Major K Major K

Mandalorian Mandalorian
TrinityRAGE TrinityRAGE

Tsugumi Tsugumi

Turgeon Turgeon

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