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Our listing of nearly 300 multiplayer maps with brief reviews, descriptions and ratings. Sorry, no map downloads here.
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Map Resources
If you want a specific map, this is the place.  But you have to install their own ftp-like plug-in before you can download.

File Planet
Half-Life Deathmatch Map section of File Planet has a good set of maps and map reviews, sortable in various ways.  Most important, it's up to date.

Planet Half-Life
Now that Radium has disappeared, Lambda Map Complex is the premier map resource at Planet Half-Life. Their Level of the Week feature is a good way to find a variety of highly rated maps.
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Looking for a new map to play? has collected and reviewed nearly 300 Half-Life deathmatch maps. Our listing can help you choose from among the many maps available.

Sorry, no map downloads here at this time. See the Map Resources section for download sites.

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Installing New Maps

Maps for Half-Life deathmatch must be installed in the directory


Map file names always end with ".bsp". The name of the file is the name by which Half-Life will know the map. So, for example, after you install "cabrito.bsp" in the maps directory, you can use the map named "cabrito".

Maps are often distributed with ".txt" files. If you're lucky it will have the same name as the map, e.g. "cabrito.txt". If you get one with a generic name, such as "readme.txt", I recommend that you rename it so you can keep track of it.

What's Playing?

Here is the current map cycle being played by my friends and I on our server. Soon I hope to be able to make a server available to members.

Updated Oct 15 2001.   (53 maps)

Key to The Map Listing

The map listing contains the following fields.

Map Name
The exact name of the file in which the map is stored. This is the name that one would use with the changelevel command for example. In some cases these are abbreviations for longer names that their creators gave the maps.
This is my assessment of what size game (i.e. how many players) can be held comfortably. On a particular map. In general, I like to have a bit of elbow room in a map, so these numbers are sometimes lower than what you would see elsewhere. On the other hand, maps get boring very quickly when there are not enough players for their size. I often play with small groups so if say a map is suitable for "2 to 4", you can pretty much bet that two people will find each other fast.
I've assigned each map a letter grade, from A+ down to F. This is the standard grading system used in American schools, in case you didn't know. A+ is the best, F is the worst. I do make some effort to maintain a normal distribution, but it tends to be a little high. As I write this, the median is between B and B+.
Used to temporarily weed out good maps that I've grown tired of. The scale is from 1 to 5, where a brand-new map is "1". This is probably not very useful except to me and my buddies.
I've found that myself and others often struggle to remember the names of maps that we have played. These brief descriptions began as my attempt to describe maps in such a way that one could visualize the map (having played it) by reading the description. Hence the emphasis on visual cues such as "Watertower, field w/3 bunkers" or "Bunkers, ruins, broken terrain, evening". Over time I've been adding comments that might be more useful to someone looking for new maps to play.
Review Date
The date on which a map was reviewed and added to our list.

The map listing below is sorted by Rating, then Size, and finally Over-Use.

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Where to Get These Maps?
Regrettably, these maps are not available for download here at . I hope to be able to add this capability at some point in the future. For now, several good download sites are listed in the Map Resources section.
Map Database
The map database is kept in a spreadsheet so I can sort and filter it in various ways. This helps me pick the best maps for a particular purpose. If you want to do the same thing, you can download the map database in CSV form.
TweezerTip™: Change Maps
Server Administrators: Change maps while you are playing with the changelevel command from the console. See How-To.

Change the list of maps that are used by your server by editing the valve/mapcycle.txt file.
The authors of these maps deserve recognition for their efforts and I apologize for the present lack of an "author" column in the listing. Maps are usually distributed with an accompanying text file which identifies the author.
Tweezer's Half-Life Health Club

The Map Listing

Map Name Game
Rating Over-
Description Review
bfield 2 to 4 A+ 3 Small open battle field, bunkers & river. Still great fun. 02/01/2000
coddm 2 to 4 A+ 3 Central tower rises from water, surrounded by clear field w/3 bunkers. Egon's on the roof. 02/01/2000
x-fire 2 to 6 A+ 2 Bunkers, ruins, broken terrain, evening. Sniper atop large bunker and in shadows of one ruin. Gauss jump to the rim. 02/01/2000
killbox 2+ A+ 3 Spacious abstract box interior w/cubic objects floating. Much more fun than it looks. 02/08/2000
mansion_ms 3+ A+ 3 Nighttime house & grounds. Awesome. 02/01/2000
falaise 4+ A+ 2 Outstanding play, with multiple indoor/outdoor areas. Has some secrets. 05/04/2000
rats 4+ A+ 2 Rat-sized kitchen interior. 02/01/2000
matrixat 5+ A+ 1 Excellent recreation of the security bldg assaulted in The Matrix, incl helo. Really big. 02/08/2000
gasworks 5+ A+ 2 Gas towers above and below ground. 02/01/2000
tig_qui 2 to 4 A 1 Very compact, with high connectivity, best suited for 2-4 players. Simple, artful arrangment of emplacements and ramps, with pushbutton toxic trap. Like all Tigger On maps, ranks high for playability. 11/07/2000
Dark2 2 to 4 A 2 Dark single room w/steel catwalk & trenches. Lots of weapons. Great for 2-4 players. 02/01/2000
tig_crik 2 to 6 A 2 Big bunker on one side with bazooka room below, ledges and small buildings on the other side w/sniper spots. Tough, fast. 05/26/2000
jungle 2 to 6 A 2 Two lattice towers w/MGs, two red-lit bunkers w/access to underground area. River in between and one bridge. Very clean small map with good play. 05/04/2000
dmcity 2+ A 1 Grenade-fest in small square fort. Jumppack helps a lot, sewer tunnels to tau cannon room. 05/26/2000
xbounce 2+ A 2 Compound of 2-story bldgs and turret around bounce courtyard. Evening. 02/01/2000
afterhrs 2+ A 2 Dark interior, great for crowbars. A favorite. 02/01/2000
tighl02 2+ A 3 Compact, open, multi-level, very attractive. Getting a bit tedious. 02/01/2000
geckohl1 3+ A 2 Outdoor combat arena w/trenches & bunkers. Water ways and underground tunnels, all on a small map. Fun for all. 05/26/2000
halls2 3+ A 2 Five halls w/teleporters connect rooms w/lofts. More fun than it looks. 02/01/2000
dam 3+ A 3 Dam w/turbines & boat. A favorite, I finally got the egon. 02/01/2000
bounce 3+ A 3 Wall between bouncers, bunkers and pathways, tunnels and pond. 02/01/2000
rats3 4+ A 1 Well-lit rat-sized bedroom interior. A worthy successor. 12/28/2000
bdarena 4+ A 1 Imagine the Coliseum. Large, fast map, was lots more fun than it looks. 05/04/2000
COMPOUND 4+ A 1 Indoors & out, chain gun, towers. We've hardly played this. 02/01/2000
havoc 4+ A 1 First class interior map. Turn off fan to get bazooka. Dive for egon, etc. 05/26/2000
incoming! 4+ A 1 Really cool bunker and above-ground. Watch out for incoming! 05/26/2000
nochys 4+ A 1 Very cool looking, includes inter-space transport tubes. 05/26/2000
sublab 4+ A 1 Tall, symmetrical building, largely open inside with pool at bottom. You can also go outside. Very nice. 05/26/2000
thedig 4+ A 1 Ancient tomb or palace. Evening, in a big cavern. Take the tunnel to the surface. 05/26/2000
twotow2 4+ A 1 The two towers are: one steel "radio tower" and one concrete w/egon on top. There's an underground complex beneath. Really a fine map, check out the cars with headlights. 05/26/2000
waterwerx 4+ A 1 Besides a large canal, map also features pipes with current. Have fun grabbing the bazooka. There's a helo pad topside. Great map. 05/26/2000
egypt 4+ A 1 Torchlit interior of an ancient monument, jump portal into Xen-like outer area, more portals back again. Watch out for traps! 02/06/2001
BOUNCE_ME 4+ A 1 Tunnels connect sniper perches surrounding an outdoor "box canyon" w/bounce pad. 02/06/2001
cabrito 4+ A 2 Hacienda in the desert. Beautiful. The secret of the fireplace is very difficult. 02/01/2000
rats2v2 4+ A 2 Rat-sized bathroom interior. 02/01/2000
rats2 4+ A 5 Apparently an early version of rats2v2. Disqualified it for that reason. 05/26/2000
steelwork 5+ A 1 Inside a steel mill. Very nice. Lotta work for that shotgun. 05/26/2000
turbine 5+ A 1 A dam, its lake, the turbine and other rooms. Had the most fun ever getting the egon. Large map. 05/27/2000
insdm1 5+ A 1 Fascinating map, but huge. Lots of waterways and pools, underground and outdoors. 05/26/2000
nitewire team A 1 Ideally played with teams. Nazis vs. Canadians, two forts across wire and sand hill at night. Each can call in air strikes. 05/26/2000
bitterlemon 2 to 4 A- 1 Rooms & corridors surround outdoor arena, central king-of-the-hill tower 05/04/2000
EXODUS 2 to 4 A- 1 Simple, small symetrical concrete bunkers & sniper towers. Can get out of compound. Haven't played much. 02/01/2000
2play025 2 to 4 A- 2 Two fortresses across no-mans land. Nice variation on this theme; more fun than it looked. 05/04/2000
dmBodies 2 to 4 A- 2 Smallish map primarily in 2 rooms. More fun than it looks. Be sure to get the jump pack. 05/04/2000
eworld1a 2 to 4 A- 2 Dim, wide-open warehouse-like interior. 2-levels w/ramps, basement tunnels underneath. More fun than it looks. 02/01/2000
ignoranz 2 to 4 A- 2 Two open areas, two levels, bunker one end. 02/01/2000
mayhem 2 to 6 A- 2 Near-impregnable bunker vs smaller bunkers across outdoor area at evening. Tunnel btw small bunkers, tram to large bunker. 05/26/2000
MedMaze1 2+ A- 1 Different. A maze with central tower, in semi-darkness. Fun. 05/04/2000
bf1 2+ A- 1 You're stuck in these deep corridors with few weapons. Climb up to the central "mesa" to pick off those below. 05/26/2000
garage 3 to 8 A- 1 Nice combination of parking garage with some pools and outdoor areas. Dive for secret jump pack room. 11/02/2000
scurry 3+ A- 1 Rather dark rats-like bedroom interior with very heavy shadows. It gets even darker if you turn off the light. 05/26/2000
chamber 3+ A- 1 Intriguing passages. Central blockhouse inside a big room. Played it once, had fun. 05/16/2000
scary_2snr 3+ A- 1 Variation on "scary_2", this has one extra room and some redecorating. Tri-level building w/atrium. Bazooka pond in one basement area. 02/06/2001
lurkbox 3+ A- 1 Two large open "boxes" with lots of fortifications, reminiscent of the killbox series. Shoddy textures. 12/28/2000
manic 3+ A- 2 Beautiful evening street scene. Building interiors minimal, keeps action outdoors or sniping. Egon in Bank. 05/26/2000
gorchasm 3+ A- 2 Indoor/outdoor w/secret Xen cave. Black Mesa-style offices/labs. 02/01/2000
Frag_instinct 3+ A- 3 Two 3-story buildings, open space in valley w/climbable walls. Sound effects include minor obscenities. 02/01/2000
r_chance 3+ A- 3 Multi-level halls w/several interconnected pools, lots of swimming, buttons. A favorite 02/01/2000
tig_nite 3+ A- 3 Evening, radio sniper tower vs. cannon. Sewer. 02/01/2000
aecthdrl 4+ A- 1 "Aeon's Cathedral", beautiful (see aecantow). 05/16/2000
Nova 4+ A- 1 Battle aboard a starship! Spawn in sleep chambers, egon behind energy barrier. Very good looking layout. 11/02/2000
g_lab 4+ A- 1 Many rooms and halls, disorienting. Water and waste tanks w/traps. Air ducts. 05/26/2000
jakestrainers 4+ A- 1 Compact but extremely diverse maze. Secret clifftop "duckblind" strips all weapons. 05/16/2000
pipes 4+ A- 1 The pipes have broken and flooded the basement! And there are four big tanks in another room, full of water. Nice feel to it all, though frame rate gets a bit slow. 05/26/2000
refinery 4+ A- 1 This was fun on the net. Go underground, indoors, outdoors, on the roofs, in a tower. Includes aerial tram that takes you to bizarre egon death room. 05/27/2000
TEAM9 4+ A- 1 High concrete ledges and courtyards. Water: pool and stream. Must have at least 4 people. 02/01/2000
thdmburg 4+ A- 1 Medieval castle under the stars. Climb the tower, but don't try the hot lava (?). 05/26/2000
tokamak 4+ A- 1 Power generators (or tokamaks?) below and outdoor area above. Large well made map. 05/26/2000
yard 4+ A- 1 Warehouses. Large map includes huge open area above ground, lots of water, including pools and sewers 05/26/2000
sundown 4+ A- 2 Two large bldgs outdoors, trenches. Artful. Try to get on the roof. 02/01/2000
martyrdom 4+ A- 3 Complicated multilevel toxic facility, lots of catwalks, rotating bridge. 02/01/2000
theVat 4+ A- 3 Multi-level catwalks and rooms, vent shafts & a toxic sludge vat. It's been fun. 02/01/2000
ardm2 2 to 4 B+ 1 Evening indoor-outdoor. 05/04/2000
cobase 2 to 4 B+ 1 Ramps and a few rooms around a central pool. Never played it, might be fun. 05/16/2000
dante_1 2 to 4 B+ 1 Evening at a small oil refinery? Burning sands below: don't fall. Try gravity=30. 05/26/2000
haunted 2 to 4 B+ 1 Small Gothic w/underwater section and some traps. 05/26/2000
p3a 2 to 4 B+ 1 A sort of castle in the sky. Don't fall off! Smallish, relatively open and simple. 11/02/2000
S_ALLEY 2 to 4 B+ 1 A sniper stadium, more of a novelty. We haven't played it much. 02/01/2000
vertigo 2 to 4 B+ 1 Simple small map with tower. Looks like fun. 05/25/2000
Archives 2 to 4 B+ 1 Smallish two story building interior with stairwells and offices. Secret doorways open passages at ends of upper floor. 11/02/2000
rattlerv2 2 to 4 B+ 2 Two courtyards, two levels, various side rooms. 02/01/2000
sb101 2 to 4 B+ 2 Two bunkers, shed in middle, sewer underground. 02/01/2000
bash 2 to 4 B+ 3 Bldgs around courtyard. Secret snark panel. 02/01/2000
onawire 2 to 4 B+ 3 Two sides w/MGs, barbedwire & hill between. Mortar strikes. Don liked it. 02/01/2000
komit2 2 to 6 B+ 1 Simple small, several levels around a courtyard. Nice textures, 3 teleporters and sniper room. Had fun playing this on the net. 05/26/2000
2houses 2+ B+ 1 near-symmetry, 2 bldgs face each other across no-man's land. Plain & simple. 05/26/2000
apohldm5 2+ B+ 1 Smallish interior map with good diversity and lots of weapons. Seems to crash the Linux server, however. 05/26/2000
daq2hl 2+ B+ 1 Four main rooms, 2-3 levels. A central tower w/stuff on top. Attractive and simple; could be good for small games. 05/26/2000
dmbase 2+ B+ 1 Single open area and large room, w/a few side rooms and walls. Some weapons hard to find, esp. AR. Has been fun. 05/26/2000
stalkyard2 2+ B+ 1 Simplified version of the classic. Easier to get around in, more open. 05/26/2000
valley 2+ B+ 1 Striking landscape, two bunkers across a lake, with surrounding rocks made for gauss jumping. Architecture is novel and there's a nice bridge. Textures are dull, lighting strange. I dunno. 05/26/2000
brikhaus 2+ B+ 2 Spacious open-air ramps and courtyards, at dusk. Nice lighting. 05/26/2000
scary_2 2+ B+ 2 3-level bldg w/atrium, basement bazooka pond at one side. Good fun. 02/01/2000
ancient 2+ B+ 2 Simple tasteful interiors around a large room. Played on JadawinHL. Good small map. 05/16/2000
spoke 2+ B+ 3 Above-ground: six bunkers around a central bunker. Climb and jump on all the tanks. Below-ground: six tunnels radiate from hub. 05/26/2000
doublecross 2+ B+ 3 Similar to crossfire, w/open sewer, smaller. 02/01/2000
tighl03 2+ B+ 3 Many ramps, twists & turns, sniper lookouts, bazooka in big water pipe. 02/01/2000
lrdm2 3 to 8 B+ 1 Smallish map with pleasant textures and light. Drain the egon pool from above. 05/26/2000
malice 3 to 8 B+ 1 Crossbow atop vent in roof, jump down to bazooka room, a few corridors and that's about it. Simple small map, well executed. 05/26/2000
showdown 3 to 8 B+ 3 Interesting symmetrical architecture, several large courtyards and large underwater area. 05/26/2000
dmjcntrl 3+ B+ 1 Computer room, large multi-level room, other halls. Don't fall in hot water climbing to "shooting gallery". 05/26/2000
mos_isley 3+ B+ 1 Nice indoor/outdoor that vaguely resembles the spaceport (note land speeder in garage). Jump through fan for egon. 05/25/2000
access 3+ B+ 1 Entertaining tunnels and one courtyard. Grab the egon in the basement. Played on JadawinHL. 05/16/2000
aecantow 3+ B+ 1 "Aeon's Canyon Tower" is a beautiful bit of architecture (see aecthdrl too). All interior, but lots of windows on other parts of the complex. 05/16/2000
bynight 3+ B+ 1 Smallish "camp", features automatic rooftop guns w/button. 05/16/2000
clown 3+ B+ 1 Fairly simple. Features crush plates in the egon room. Played it once, it was fun. 05/16/2000
compound2 3+ B+ 1 Interior/exterior base features MG courtyard, moving I-Beam access to egon. 05/16/2000
dmjescap 3+ B+ 1 Lots of rooms to roam, beneath outdoor compound. Acrobats find egon behind the iron bars. 05/26/2000
driverdown 3+ B+ 1 Couple of storage areas and rooms. Jumppack required for egon on container. 05/26/2000
enraged2 3+ B+ 1 Multilevel interiors, moving platform and teleporters. Textures a bit crude but could be fun. 05/26/2000
finboos 3+ B+ 1 Nightime, 3 multi-story buildings. Lots of dark corners. Somewhat crude. 05/26/2000
genocide 3+ B+ 1 "Lower level decontamination activated." 05/26/2000
gorchasmic 3+ B+ 1 Large Black Mesa bldg, 3-story+basement, with rooftop and outdoor areas. Water stream leads out to pond. 05/26/2000
heavypole 3+ B+ 1 Open courtyard w/towers. Dark interiors, egon under trapdoor in water. I've had fun on this one. 05/26/2000
hudsondm1 3+ B+ 1 A moonbase? Egon in fan-pit under water. Textures are garish 05/26/2000
invade 3+ B+ 1 Looks fun, smallish compound w/some light MGs 05/26/2000
pnfort 3+ B+ 1 Compound has numerous dead ends, including egon in tower and jump pack in flooded room. Smaller than it looks. 05/26/2000
shindigcity 3+ B+ 1 Urban setting of several tall buildings. Poor textures, but otherwise may be fun. 05/26/2000
sniper_c 3+ B+ 1 Yes, it's "sniper city". Don't jump in the snark pit. Well, I warned you. 05/26/2000
tcabodies 3+ B+ 1 Two large open indoor courtyards (two level), with some central rooms. 05/26/2000
fldfool 3+ B+ 2 Nighttime courtyard w/MG. Building, elevator, etc. I like it. 02/01/2000
crossfire 3+ B+ 3 Classic bldgs/courtyard plus "Sat Ops" center w/turrets and nuke button. Similar to doublecross. 02/01/2000
lambda_bunker 3+ B+ 3 Built-in. Interiors incl bounce room. Haven't played this for a while; I raised it from a B. 02/01/2000
maintain 3+ B+ 3 Good interior fun, with lots of ledges for acrobats. This has the odd piece of roadway atop a lift. 02/01/2000
snark_pit 3+ B+ 3 Built-in. Basement w/jump fan, open passages, snark-drop button. 02/01/2000
deathlab 3+ B+ 4 Laser lab, alien plants. 02/08/2000
scary_1 3+ B+ 4 Nice interior ramps around two atria w/ponds. Connecting underwater area. Looks better than it plays. 02/08/2000
stalkyard 3+ B+ 4 Built-in. Warehouse plus two open areas w/MG platforms. 02/01/2000
undertow 3+ B+ 4 Built-in. Stream, flows from egon room w/rotating top, over falls. room-flooding button. 02/01/2000
vacant_town 3+ B+ 4 2-level bldgs in compound, iron catwalks, MG tower. 02/01/2000
datacore 3+ B+ 5 Built-in. Interior multi-level maze. Reception desk w/health charger. I'm so tired of this! 02/01/2000
wastepro2 4+ B+ 1 Tram runs around perimeter on nice track. Don't jump in the hole. Good looking map, but some distances are too long. 05/26/2000
malloc 4+ B+ 1 Well executed medium map. Egon in sewer system, very cool MG dominates courtyard. 05/26/2000
ministry 4+ B+ 1 Nice looking interior map, spacious rooms, some courtyards. 05/04/2000
apohldm13 4+ B+ 1 Two open areas, each with maze of passages, connected only by underwater section. Bazooka in toxic pond. Push button for logo, but don't get trapped behind the door! Textures are weak: lots of doors that don't open. 11/07/2000
arcane 4+ B+ 1 Two 5-story courtyards with rooms, ramps, ladders etc. Haven't played it. 05/16/2000
bamdm1 4+ B+ 1 Indoor-outdoor. This was fun to play. 05/04/2000
bhlab51 4+ B+ 1 Water area w/tower & room underneath. Etc. 05/04/2000
gustavo11_bonecoll 4+ B+ 1 Courtyard+interiors, secret teleport spots! 05/26/2000
gustavo9_jawb 4+ B+ 1 Two courtyards above large interior areas. 05/26/2000
hammered 4+ B+ 1 A nicely built compound, lacks a real central area. Lots of hidey holes. 05/26/2000
indigo2 4+ B+ 1 Tram + subtransit. Played it on JadawinHL, did poorly. 05/16/2000
JakesHouse 4+ B+ 1 large, varied, but somewhat disjointed. Problems testing due to lack of single-play spawn locations. 05/16/2000
ktime 4+ B+ 1 Some great ideas, including a big clock w/moving hands, very cool blue teleporters, and countdown timer on bazooka bomb. 05/26/2000
Pit 4+ B+ 1 Bunkers and passageways surrounding outdoor deathpit. Scientists & Barneys 05/04/2000
pump-sta 4+ B+ 1 Looks fun, but connectivity could be a problem. Nice water tunnel, and many ambush spots. Even 4 players may not be enough 05/26/2000
reformatory 4+ B+ 1 Depressing locale, but lots of possibilities, good connectivity. Played this on the net once and got creamed. 05/26/2000
Victory 4+ B+ 1 Efficient layout of rooms and ramps, easy weapon access via moving platforms. 05/04/2000
area5 4+ B+ 2 Drive-in movie theater. Fun, but doesn't play as well as it looks. 05/04/2000
complex9 4+ B+ 3 Big vertical map from outdoors to bounce pad deep underground. Swimming pool. I do poorly on this. 02/01/2000
lrdm1 4+ B+ 3 Air duct city, and clean-but-dim interiors. 02/01/2000
SYNJDM1B 4+ B+ 3 Complex building w/many traps and tricks. 02/01/2000
subtransit 4+ B+ 4 Built-in. Track train, conveyors, swimming. 02/01/2000
gustavo1_penitentiary 5+ B+ 1 Huge many-level interior. 05/26/2000
boot_camp 5+ B+ 4 A built-in. Good combat action. I've never done too well on this. 05/16/2000
africanyon 2 to 4 B 1 Series of independent bunkers in a canyon. 05/16/2000
agravlab 2 to 4 B 1 Features a lo-gravity room. Otherwise dull. 05/16/2000
eff1o1 2 to 4 B 1 Interiors, water room, red cant-get-out room. 05/04/2000
Oneslip 2 to 4 B 1 Ramps & bunkers floating in space. Teleporters. 05/04/2000
aiwa 2 to 4 B 2 Clean, spacious, well-lit interiors with some ledges for acrobats. Outdoor storage yard. 05/04/2000
Spokes 2 to 4 B 2 Spoked hallways off central rooms. MG. 05/04/2000
theMrCs 2 to 4 B 2 Kitchen interior, much simpler than rats. OK for small games. 02/08/2000
trenchwar 2 to 4 B 2 Nighttime on a small battlefield. Two areas, trenches, one tunnel. 05/04/2000
Morgdm1 2 to 4 B 4 Ramps & bunkers floating in space over a lake. Giant TV. Try low-grav. 05/04/2000
vat16 2 to 8 B 1 Smallish simple map, indoor, dimly lit. The vat is full of hot stuff, oops don't spill it! Unique in that a voice announces what you've got when you pick up most weapons. 05/26/2000
hlhipdm1 2+ B 1 Very similar to Morgdm1: ramps in space. Death if you fall. 05/26/2000
thehill 2+ B 2 Six-level king-of-the-hill tower. I like this one, but others do not. 02/01/2000
clocktower 2+ B 4 Big tower, open area, tunnels. Kind of a novelty, a bit too exposed. 02/01/2000
istel 3 to 6 B 1 Starship. Has cool bathroom (hidden) with flush toilet and hand dryer. 3 levels with elevator platforms. Auto-gun room below bridge. 05/26/2000
ttt 3 to 6 B 1 Two-level buildings, including rooftops. Central blue pool w/egon access, MG tower. 05/27/2000
archaic 3+ B 1 Rusty steel multi-story interior, partially flooded. Haven't played. 05/16/2000
assault 3+ B 1 Features a "crusher tube" containing the egon, and a small tram. Indoor/outdoor. 05/16/2000
dspr 3+ B 1 Ramps & rooms over big water pool. Some clever traps (see .txt), but otherwise ordinary. 05/26/2000
hbdm1 3+ B 1 Radial interiors w/tram underneath. Laser lab. Air ducts. Noclip into laser: it's psychedelic. Gman looks on. 05/26/2000
headshot 3+ B 1 Ho-hum multilevel interiors and courtyard. Sniper setup. 05/26/2000
killbox2 3+ B 1 Not as good as "killbox". 05/26/2000
killbox3 3+ B 1 Not as good as "killbox". 05/26/2000
lost_village2 3+ B 1 Two-story buildings, outdoor sections connected by short tunnels. Decent enough, but nothing special that I could see. 05/26/2000
metal 3+ B 1 perhaps a mining operation. Two main outdoor areas, lots of perches, interior maze. 05/26/2000
cellblock 3+ B 2 A cellblock. I played this once, it's ok, but nothing special. 05/16/2000
DockingBay 3+ B 2 Interior "power" rooms, outdoor loading dock. Looks more fun than it was. 05/26/2000
thestation 3+ B 2 Good interior spaces around a train stop, but no train. 02/01/2000
ncp 3+ B 3 Multilevel parking garage w/exploding cars. Map is a bit slow. 02/01/2000
krhldm02 3+ B 3 3 story atria + connecting sewer w/suit charger. 02/01/2000
lost_village 3+ B 3 Bldgs, iron catwalks, APC w/remote MG. 02/01/2000
COMBAT2 3+ B 4 Open compound w/tents, bldgs, towers. 02/01/2000
farewell 3+ B 4 Multi-level rooms, dbl sliding doors. 02/01/2000
frenzy 3+ B 4 Three-level atria w/walks & side passages, bazooka corridor on top. 02/01/2000
PCG_Infested 3+ B 4 Rat-sized interior walls, spider. 02/01/2000
Turkeyburgers 3+ B 4 Rat-sized home interior. Den. 02/01/2000
WhakAMole 3+ B 4 Simple 2-level open area plus some cool tunnels. 02/01/2000
pantheon 3+ B Symmetry, steel ramps in concrete, sludge below. CAUSES SERVER ERROR on mogh. 02/01/2000
braiden 4+ B 1 Interior of Braiden Hall at Colo. State U. 05/16/2000
btbase 4+ B 1 A missile base, mostly indoors. Haven't played it. 05/16/2000
desolate 4+ B 1 Multi-level rooms w/two pools, one that fills up. Also a radioactive pool. Mousetrap lifts. 05/04/2000
pwrcore 4+ B 1 Well-done multi-level corridors, "power plant". 02/01/2000
resivour 4+ B 1 Amateurish, more like a prison, might be fun to try some time. 05/04/2000
spctrans 4+ B 1 You're in a spaceship, the air ducts "suck". Some cool ideas, but doesn't look like good play. 05/26/2000
substor 4+ B 1 Series of storage rooms, two levels. Played this once on the net, with bots. 05/26/2000
facility 4+ B 2 Includes must-see bathroom maze. Interior rooms & windows, lots of doors. 05/04/2000
childm 4+ B 2 Playground and laser gun makes fun. 02/01/2000
quarry 4+ B 3 Fun & games in a mine. Tbone doesn't like it. 02/01/2000
battle_camp 5+ B 1 Similar to "boot_camp" 05/16/2000
insitu 5+ B 1 Large complex with some ugly textures, indoor outdoor, includes transparent elevator puzzle. 05/26/2000
ONETWO 2 to 4 B- 1 Bring your flashlight. Two open areas w/ledges + rooms. 02/01/2000
NIGHTWAT 2 to 4 B- 2 About 3 med-sized industrial rooms, one w/pond. Some dead-end corridors, feels unfinished. 02/01/2000
MNKYPIT2 2 to 4 B- 4 Ramp bunkers around courtyard, jump down to dangerous critters. Fun for a while 02/01/2000
2play 2 to 4 B- Simple 2 or 3 player map. Pit in middle has auto guns. 2play025 is better. 02/01/2000
ADAM_DM 2 to 4 B- Big room, maze at bottom, space tower. Ugly textures. Gauss jump into edges. 02/01/2000
base_wars 2 to 4 B- One room, wall in middle, dark. 02/01/2000
bazooka3 2 to 4 B- Claustrophobic single room w/2 ramp levels, maze of crates, bazookas! 02/01/2000
DMZARENA 2 to 4 B- Outdoors w/bunkers & tower, similar to water tower, but with poor frame rate. 02/01/2000
RAINBOW6 2 to 4 B- Simple open area around helipad w/helo. 02/01/2000
small 2 to 4 B- Tight squeeze home and small exterior. 02/01/2000
TEAMBA~1 2 to 4 B- Two sides, red/blue. Better for teams. 02/01/2000
tig_bunk 2 to 4 B- Very compact war between two bunkers. 02/01/2000
Bottout 2+ B- 3 Warehouse level w/breakable crates, upper sandbag level w/grenades, basement. 02/01/2000
GIBEM_ALL 2+ B- 3 Simple abstract 2-level space. Lots of weapons. 02/01/2000
pzmalice 2+ B- 3 Headache corridors open on 3-story atrium. Attractive but dull. 02/01/2000
NIGHTSHI 2+ B- Relatively simple, bazooka in storage case. Easy to hang up on certain brushes. 02/01/2000
sands 2+ B- Desert sands & rock maze. Cactus & a pit. 02/01/2000
xfire2 2+ B- Exterior multi-level maze w/steel catwalks. 02/01/2000
abandonedbase 3+ B- 1 Nice ladders in a base compound, but poor use of textures makes it unattractive. Haven't played it. 05/16/2000
insani 3+ B- 1 Interiors, I couldn't find anything special. 05/26/2000
kbhldm1 3+ B- 1 Ho-hum interior map. Spawned me in darkness. 05/16/2000
sniperville 3+ B- 3 Interior/exterior around heloport w/helo, cannon & 4 sniper towers. 02/01/2000
rubble 3+ B- 4 Rooms, tunnels, sewer; outside sniper loft, quarry pit with many awkward surfaces 02/01/2000
bakally 3+ B- Rooms and air ducts. 02/01/2000
CARNAGE 3+ B- Boat pond, rooms, hallways. Ho hum. 02/01/2000
crawl01 3+ B- Indoors, lots of air ducts. 02/01/2000
manhunt 3+ B- Decent maze, nice sound, toxic game. 02/01/2000
rigor 3+ B- Compound of two-story buildings, evening. Can't get on roofs. 02/08/2000
TBLOCK 3+ B- Lots of 3-story bldgs around egon courtyard. 02/01/2000
rustmill 4+ B- Interior/exterior ramps & passages. 02/01/2000
DELISK~1 5+ B- Prison cells and yards. Ugly. 02/01/2000
outcry 5+ B- complex multi-level maze, lots of elevators, weapons hard to reach. 02/01/2000
sensless 5+ B- Odd maze, lighting texture & crude tram. 02/01/2000
site_b 5+ B- Lots of large rooms off vertical "silo". 02/01/2000
MOOG3 2 to 4 C+ 3 Simple, open room w/wide ramps and walkway. 02/01/2000
Castle_Enrage 2 to 4 C+ Two big rooms, ick. 02/01/2000
Dark1 2 to 4 C+ Tiny indoors, lots of weapons. No hidey holes. 02/01/2000
Dark3 2 to 4 C+ Indoors, lots of weapons, one bunker. 02/01/2000
dogpound_ver05 2 to 4 C+ Ugly warehouse interior w/2nd story overlooks. 02/01/2000
endor 2 to 4 C+ Funky 2-part w/train in the air. 02/01/2000
target 2 to 4 C+ Slugfest: tiny catwalks over toxic sludge. 02/01/2000
station 2 to 6 C+ 1 Transit train station. Nice train doesn't move. Nice garage, but mostly empty. Some nice art, but also some sloppiness. Lighting looks good, but doesn't seem to work right. 05/26/2000
death_canyon 2+ C+ Outdoor cliff face & tram. Nice ideas, ugly. 02/01/2000
krhldm01 2+ C+ Ho-hum interior. 02/01/2000
moebius 2+ C+ Simple and dull. 02/01/2000
lionized 3+ C+ 1 Two basic outdoor sections w/bridges and perches. Rocket launcher commands one section, MG in second. 05/26/2000
sector6 3+ C+ 1 All indoors, includes cool teleport cocoons and cannon w/ funky pop-up shield. Otherwise dull. 05/26/2000
bunker 3+ C+ Rooms and hallway floor tile. Makes me dizzy. 02/01/2000
Pillbox 3+ C+ Buildings in a compound. Office furniture. 02/01/2000
axis 4+ C+ 1 Somebody's warped idea of sniper havens, ugliest use of textures possible. Nausea city. 05/16/2000
powcamp 4+ C+ 1 Spawn in the exercise yard, then find the escape tunnel. Some good ideas, lots of long narrow tunnels. Thought I'd like this, but the connectivity really isn't there. 05/26/2000
area5x1 5+ C+ Many tiresome dull bldgs. 02/01/2000
AMMO 2 to 4 C Ammo room, elevator, office. Dull. 02/01/2000
DMEVIL1 2 to 4 C Ugly outdoors with very poor frame rate. 02/01/2000
trenches 2 to 4 C Mediocre effort at desert trench warfare. Similar to what I wanted to do, has some leaks. 02/01/2000
xunil 2 to 8 C 1 Positive first impressions yield to disappointment. Open courtyard with small bunkers and auto-MGs, and dead bodies. Connectivity depends on several teleporters. 05/26/2000
razor_ice 2+ C 1 A ship in a lake with a rowboat alongside. Cool idea, execution needs work. 05/26/2000
lepont 3+ C 1 Some nice use of stream flow, leading through transparent tube to toxic lake. 05/26/2000
rednk17 3+ C Interior ramps and passages. 02/01/2000
three 3+ C Interior repetitive corridors. Headache. 02/01/2000
killg 4+ C 1 One nice room w/laser and pretty windows doesn't make up for generally tedious map. 05/26/2000
dm1 2 to 4 C- Exceedingly ugly maze. 02/01/2000
hhome1 2 to 4 F Seems to have only one DM start location! 02/01/2000
TS_MF2 2 to 4 F Must be for some special team battle. 02/01/2000
TS_MF3 2 to 4 F Must be for some special team battle. 02/01/2000
rats-B 4+ F 2 Alternate "rats", seems identical but files differ. 02/01/2000
garden 5+ F Frame rate unacceptably low, couldn't play well. 02/01/2000
DARN F 1 Kills the server! 02/01/2000
deck16 F 1 Kills the server! 02/01/2000
alcatraz 4+ D+ 1 Drab, ugly prison surrounded by a moat. Nothing like the real one. 02/08/2000
kma2 4+ D+ 1 Lots of outdoors with ugly textures. Some indoors. Long passages. Ick. 05/26/2000
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