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Creating Your Personal Logo

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How to create your own custom logo or "tag". Spray it on the walls over the dead bodies of your victims! Terrorize your opponents...
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What is a Logo?

Half-Life allows one to "spray" a personal logo or "tag" on any handy surface within a map. You can choose your logo in the same configuration window where you choose the name, model and colors that will be used by your player in the game.

Half-Life provides a standard set of logos, but it's easy to create your own if you have a graphics editing program. And, unlike models, there is no need to manually distribute your logo to your opponents -- the game will take care of that automatically.

Logos are a form of decal, the same graphic entity that Half-Life uses for blood, bullet holes, and much more. Your logo must be a 64x64 greyscale image, with 8-bit depth, in .BMP format, similar to the image at left. The one shown here is the JPEG version of my own tag. When you save the file in the directory:


it will become one of the choices available to you.

Creating a Personal Logo

I normally use Jasc Paint Shop Pro to create my logos; it works great. Here are the general steps that you would follow.

  1. Use File:New to create a new image. When prompted, enter the height and width as 64 pixels, the background color as Black, and the image type as "Greyscale (8-bit)".
  2. Enlarge the image 5 or 6 times for easier editing.
  3. Use any image editing tools to produce your greyscale logo. The image at right was done in a few seconds using the PSP "Picture Tube" feature.
  4. Save your logo as type "Windows or OS/2 Bitmap (*.bmp)" in the Half-Life\logos directory.
  5. Now start Half-Life, and go to the cofiguration screen. Your logo should appear among the list of other logos. If it doesn't, make sure you saved it as a .bmp file in the Half-Life\logos directory.

Here's another example, enlarged for your viewing pleasure.



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"T" is for "Tag"
Within Half-Life, use the T key to spray your tag. But not too often! The server administrator controls how frequently you can tag by setting the decalfrequency variable. Default is 30 seconds.
Paint Shop Pro
Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7

Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7 is the latest version of this hugely popular image editing utility. This is what uses and recommends for creating personal logos and editing crosshairs.

For more information see .
Logos Upload Automatically
Unlike player models, you don't have to worry about distributing your logo. Most servers are configured to upload your personal logo when you join the game, and download it to everyone playing.
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