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Flowers and Chocolate

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Whole-Life opportunity. Send flowers or chocolate to someone you care about. We'll help with advice on what to send and where to get the best deals.
Visit the rest of . Click on the links below... - The Ultimate Source in Software
Any Occasion has some useful resources to help you pick flowers for any occasion:

Flowers 4 Dummies
Lots of cute ideas.

Flowers & Personalities
has suggestions for people who are "artistic", "romantic", "conservative" etc.

Language of Flowers
lists the arcane meanings of many different floral varieties.
Most florists offer special Birthday Bouquets. But did you know that there are "birth flowers" just as there are "birth stones"? Here is a list, thanks to

Jan: Carnation (fascination)
Feb: Violet (virtue)
Mar: Jonquil (desire for affection returned)
Apr: Sweet Pea (blissful pleasure)
May: Lily of the Valley ("You have made my life complete.")
June: Rose (love)
July: Larkspur (fickleness) I can't imagine actually giving this to someone...
Aug: Gladiolus
Sep: Aster (symbol of love)
Oct: Calendula
Nov: Chrysanthemum (wonderful friend)
Dec: Narcissus ("Stay as sweet as you are.")
Wedding Anniversaries
A wedding anniversary is a lot like Valentine's Day, only more serious. See my Valentine's Day suggestions, but you could also consider Tulips. Maybe send some to your Half-Life victims as well...
Valentine's Day
February 14
The Big Tweeze suggests:
A dozen red roses. Swift, silent and sure. Turn on your scope, draw your bead and let your "arrows" fly. If you like to double-barrel, send two dozen...
Chocolate truffles. Like the crowbar, always a good bet when you're close enough to share :-).
St. Patrick's Day
March 17, 2001
Most florists create special arrangements for St. Patrick's day. For example, has a Lucky Shamrock Bouquet.
April 15, 2001
Ever hear of "Easter Lilies"? And all sorts of Spring flowers will be available.
Mother's Day
May 13, 2001
(Second Sunday in May).
Memorial Day
May 28, 2001
(Last Monday in May).
Father's Day
June 17, 2001
(Third Sunday in June).
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“Flowers and Chocolate”?!?

If you're serious enough about Half-Life to be reading this web site, then probably someone in your life thinks you're too serious about it. Is there a spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend or parent who feels neglected and unappreciated while you're spending hours fragging people you don't even know? And you'd like to do something nice for that special loved one, but what?

has devoted this section to your domestic tranquility. We offer here a golden opportunity to seize the initiative in your personal relationships, just as you do in Half-Life.

Send flowers, send chocolate or both. It's like a well-aimed egon at close range: You win.

Send Chocolate

Regrettably, the world of on-line chocolate ordering is still far behind the florists. But here are a few comparisons and links to help you... [More]

Send Flowers

If you're like me, you hate to buy anything without making comparisons between vendors. Now I've done that for you: check out Tweezer's Internet Flower Buyer's Guide. Or just scroll down this page for quick access to the internet flower vendors that I recommend.

Flowers Fast! One Dozen Roses

Flowers Fast!

provides the traditional floral delivery service. A local Teleflora-affiliated florist prepares your arrangement and hand-delivers it. Among florist-affiliated flower vendors, Flowers Fast! gets the highest rating from Bizrate, and offers the lowest prices as shown in the comparison table.

I've used Flowers Fast! myself and they were the best. You can read about my experience in the Internet Flowers Buyer's Guide.

Click the button below the picture to get their latest price for a complete arrangement of one dozen red roses trimmed with baby's breath and fresh greens. While you're at it, check out their price comparison with other flower vendors., 1 dozen Roses


ships "fresh cut" flowers directly from growers via FedEx. Their customers have given them one of the highest Bizrate ratings in the flower category, reflecting satisfaction with the Proflowers formula: guaranteed-fresh flowers (guaranteed to last at least 7 days), low prices and fast service.

I have had experience with Proflowers on four or five occasions and been generally satisfied, though there have been a few glitches. In the Buyer's Guide, I discuss my Proflowers experience in detail.

Giving Nature


Like Proflowers, Giving sells cut flowers shipped via FedEx. They hold the distinction of offering the lowest price I could find on the internet for a dozen long-stemmed red roses ($48.90) with vase. Giving Nature also has one of the highest BizRate ratings.

I have not made a purchase myself yet from Giving but they are next on my list for cut flowers.

Send Chocolate

Regrettably, the world of on-line chocolate ordering is still far behind the florists. But here are a few comparisons and links to help you. I recommend See's Candy. See's has been a premium brand here in California for many years, and their price for the benchmark 1-pound box of truffles is less than half of Godiva's. By the way, See's also does a lot of good things for the community, such as supporting Bay Area jazz.

Name BizRate Rating 1-lb Truffles Price
Godiva 8.7 Assorted $33.00 8.1 Assorted Milk & Dark $25.95
See's -- Assorted Flavors $14.00

You can get a 14oz box of Hershey's truffles for $8.00 at the supermarket, but I didn't think they were very good.

For a great introduction to the world of chocolate, see "All About Chocolate" at

Internet Flower Buyer's Guide

For more information about buying flowers over the internet, visit the Internet Flower Buyer's Guide.

Got a Story?

I'd like to hear some stories of how your gifts made a difference to a loved one. The best ones will be posted on this page. Or if you had a good or bad experience about an online flower or chocolate vendor, I'd like to know about it. Just send me an email.

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In a Hurry?
Here's The Big Tweeze's personal shortlist:

Flowers Fast! for florist delivery of complete arrangements.

Giving for cut flowers direct-shipped from growers.

See's Candy for quality chocolate at a reasonable price.
Flower Sources
Internet Florist
BizRate Ratings
BizRate is a service that allows consumers to rate the performance of internet merchants. Ratings are usually done in two parts, the first part being immediately after placing an order. If you complete the initial rating form, then several days later BizRate sends a follow-up email. By then presumably you have your merchandise and can complete the process of rating this merchant.

With flowers, this isn't always reliable. The flowers may have been ordered for delivery some time in the future, or the buyer may not find out if there are problems with the flowers.

For that reason, the BizRate ratings, while a good starting point, may not tell the whole story.

BizRate ratings for each vendor are found in the Internet Flower Buyer's Guide.

FTD was founded in 1910 to use the "original internet" (the telegraph network) to arrange floral deliveries in distant cities. They are now the largest floral delivery network, connecting 52,000 affiliated FTD Florists in 154 countries.
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