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A guide to getting the most out of multiplayer Half-Life gaming. Features include an index to nearly 300 maps, over 30 player models to download, and "how-to" tutorials on using the console commands, editing crosshairs, creating logos and customizing mouse buttons.

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The features a collection of web links. Look there for more information on just about any Half-Life topic.

General HL Links
Map Editing
Server Administration
Maps & Models
HL Player Stats
Paint Shop Pro
Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7

Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7 is the latest version of this hugely popular image editing utility. This is what uses and recommends for creating personal logos and editing crosshairs.

For more information see .
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News: Updated Version Released

June 30, 2002 -- The new update came out on June 11. As usual, your client should update itself automatically when you choose the "Internet Games" menu item. If you like, you can manually obtain the update from ... [More]

News: The Tweeze plays Blue Shift...

August 20, 2001 -- I recently finished the new Half-Life single player game Blue Shift where you take the role of one of the Barneys (security guards). Like its predecessor Opposing Force (OpFor), Blue Shift is from Gearbox Software (not Valve).

Most players agree that the original single player Half-Life game seems to go on forever. Much as I enjoyed single player HL, the action became tedious at times. Fortunately this is not a problem in either of the Gearbox sequels. Blue Shift, like OpFor, is well balanced with little duplication between levels. Each level is novel in significant ways and the game moves fairly quickly. I never found myself saying, "oh no, not *this* again."

The Blue Shift textures will, of course, be very familiar to HL players: it is, after all, the same world. But Blue Shift includes new "high definition" models for weapons, monsters and people that give HL a refreshing new look.

Blue Shift is now bundled with OpFor for $30 retail, and if you already have OpFor, you can get a $10 rebate (but you'll have to send in your CD). HL addicts have no excuse, and some of you who gave up on the original HL single player game may want to give this another shot.

While this "yet another sequel" is arguably milking the HL success to an extreme, I found it a highly playable and enjoyable game.

News: A New Name for

August 9, 2001 -- Yesterday I received a polite "cease and desist" letter from the law offices of Kenyon & Kenyon, representing the Tweezerman® Corporation. It seems that my use of "TweezerMan" in is deemed to be trademark infringement. I certainly apologize to anyone who thought this site was sponsored by or associated in any way with one of the world's leading distributors of Personal Care Tools™. To avoid any further unpleasantries, this site is now known as , and you can call me Tweezer, theTweeze™, or the Big Tweeze™.

But you can still call me TweezerMan when we're playing Half-Life...

Tweezerman is a registered trademark and Personal Care Tools is a trademark of Tweezerman Corporation.

The Map Room

Can't recall the name of that great map?  Looking for something new to play? The Map Room contains brief descriptions of nearly three hundred multiplayer maps. Each is rated according to size and given a letter grade (A-F)... [More]

Skeletal ModelingTweezer's Model Archives

If you're sick of playing as "Zombie" or "Scientist", get yourself some new player models. The Model Archives contain a selection of the best, with instructions for installation. A player model is more than just a skin. The best include customized skeletal animation so that... [More]

Standard Half-Life CrosshairsCustomize Your Crosshairs

The term crosshairs refers to the gunsight in the center of the screen... Why consider changing crosshairs? If you've ever used the telescopic sight on the .357 Magnum pistol, then you probably don't have to ask: the "zoomed" .357 crosshair is nothing more than a single dot in the center of the screen...

Intellimouse OpticalPersonalize Your Mouse Buttons

You come around a corridor only to find an opponent looking the other direction or out a window. It's a perfect chance to sneak up and whack them with the crowbar! You creep up behind them and reach for the "1" key, but instead you hit "q". Next thing you know, you're dead. If only there were a fast and reliable way to grab that crowbar every time... [More]

Custom LogoCreate Your Personal Logo

Half-Life allows one to "spray" a personal logo or "tag" on any handy surface within a map... It's easy to create your own if you have a graphics editing program... [More]

How To Use Console Commands

The Half-Life command console is a command-line interface for the Half-Life program. presents a handy reference and tutorial showing how to use console commands to change maps, "rcon" the server, and use cheat codes... [More]

Updating Half-Life

You start an internet game and your Half-Life client complains that it is "out of date".  This means that a new version has been released. You can udpate your client automatically, but what about your server? ... [More]

Say it with Flowers!

Flowers & Chocolate

Put some of those wiley ways to work for you in the Real World. More...

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What's Here?
is primarily about multiplayer deathmatch gaming. If you need help with the single-player Half-Life game, try the links.
Why This Site?
began as my personal repository of Half-Life information. These are the things that I needed to know, to remember, and to tell my friends. There are many good HL sites on the web, but if I'd found one that conveniently organized this info, then I wouldn't have created the . There wasn't, so I did.

I soon found that many other Half-Life players were searching for the same info. With my site getting more and more hits, it has now been expanded and tidied up.
Where to Get Half-Life
Half-Life isn't free; you need to buy it. Internet play requires a CD Key number, which only comes with a Half-Life CD. You can't really share CD Keys because they are authenticated before you begin an internet game.

For "deathmatch" play you need either the Half-Life: Game of the Year Edition (now bundled with the Opposing Force expansion and sold as the Half-Life: Adrenaline Pack), or the new Half-Life Counter-Strike release (below).

If you are serious, you'll want both. You can save quite a bit of money by getting the complete set, newly bundled as the Half-Life Platinum Edition.

For more information see .
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