Disneyland -- Tuesday June 18, 1968

This images are scanned from original prints that I took at Disneyland in 1968, just after completing the 9th grade.  I was 14 1/2 years old.  Besides the usual Disneyland icons, there are several pictures of Nancy Fisher, on whom I (like most of my classmates) had an understandable crush at the time.  Though we were there with a group of classmates (I know that Kim Hujsak was along), for some reason there are no pictures of anybody else.

I know the date of the trip from checking my mother's old engagement calendars.

For some reason I can find very few of my color or black and white prints, or negatives, prior to 1975.  But these were in a box with some slides.  I still have the negatives as well.  The 3.5" x 5" prints were scanned at 300dpi -- I don't have the equipment for scanning the negatives directly.  The full resolution images are 1020x1458 pixels, but the ones shown on this page have been reduced to 1/4 that size (1/16 the area): 255x365 pixels.  The larger images are available by clicking on each of images here; they average about 400K bytes each.  They would all look better with some color correction, but I've not yet figured out how to do that properly with Paint Shop Pro.

Be sure to try out the GIF animation of the last image.

matterhorn <-- 
What would Disneyland be without the Matterhorn?  Actually, I can just remember Disneyland before the Matterhorn, and how I wore my favorite sneakers on my first visit after it was built, because I expected to be able to climb it.  :-)
Yes, it is "A Small World After All".  I believe this ride was still considered fairly new at the time.
canoe <--
The Indian canoe past the Mine Train, just north of Tom Sawyer Island.
The sailing ship "Columbia" rounding the point on Tom Sawyer Island.
nancy01 Isn't she cute?  And lots of personality too. What guy could fail to have a crush on Nancy F.? nancy02
To see a GIF Animation of the picture in the car (above), click here! (size about 1MB)
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