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Links: Here we have [or will have] a brief bio and some pix for each former band member.  Besides the Cinnimon Haze crew, it includes Steve Perl and Jim Jack, who were part of Hangtown and Woody Duke.
 -- Chip Chapin.
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Old Friends...

If one does not keep in touch, then old friends are still good for memories, but that's about all.  It can be very difficult to stay involved in each others' lives.  But when we do, even just a little, we're doing a lot more than simply maintaining a connection with our past.  I think that renewing or keeping up ties to our old friends pays unexpected dividends in a better sense of who we are and who we can be.  Even after thirty years, there are ways in which old friends know us better than anyone else.  Sometimes they see potential in us for things that we might already have abandoned in our own minds.  Old friends appreciate us for who we are, not what we've done.  Old friends provide a reference point for all that we've become since our youth, and can be an inspiration for whoever we might hope to become in the future.
San Dieguito graduation, 1971 San Dieguito High School, June 1971

(l-r): Jim Jack, Marylou Redd, Carl Geiberger, Bill Lawrence, Cookie Redd, Chip Chapin, David (Chip) Burger, Hal Hoadley.

Somewhere between late 1972
and Summer 1973

(l-r): Larry Minton, Bob Adelski, Jim Jack, Carl Geiberger, Chip Chapin

Jim dated this June 1, 1972 but since I was hitchhiking around the country at that time, and did not acquire the 1960 Ford truck appearing in the background until late 72 or early 73, it must be later.

I like to think that we're holding our draft cards in our hands, but Jim and Carl claim it's our drivers licenses. Why?

Friends, 1972
Photos and scans supplied by Jim Jack.  I think my mother took the graduation photo.

Larry Minton

Larry in costume Larry in costume from Verdi's "Otello". L.A. Music Center Opera, 1997, with Placido Domingo.

This is a detail of a larger image. Click on picture to see the whole thing.

Is there some connection between the furry thing on Larry's head, and furry critter held by Jim Jack in one of the pictures below?

Larry has gone on to do more in music than any of the rest of us.  He currently lives in Fullerton with his lovely wife Sara.

Larry: I have stayed in music as much as I could. I've directed several church choirs over the years, and will be getting my M.M. in choral conducting from CS Long Beach in December [2000].  I was for many years in the LA Master Chorale and the LA Opera chorus.

Later he added: We have 3 kids, Sterling, Gordon, and Jessica, and two Golden Retrievers, Baby and Little Girl. A couple other bio-type tidbits - I appeared on "Jeopardy" in 1991 (finished with $0.00), sang the National anthem at a nationally televeised Giants-Braves game at Candlestick in 1985 (brother Greg was then a pitcher for the Giants), made my Carnegie Hall debut (along with the other 120 members of the LA Master Chorale, so not quite that special!) in 1986 on tour with the LA Philharmonic. (The greatest thing about that trip was, in New York, a guy on the street actually asked me "How do I get to Carnegie Hall?" I silently thanked God and said, of course, "Practice, man, practice!")

Larry's email is: giacomoperti AT yahoo.com

Carl Geiberger

Carl with kids June 2000
Carl (46 yrs) with sons Peter (21 yrs), Ian (21 months), and Matias (4 months).

Click on picture to see a larger version.

Carl is one of the winners of our "I look better today than I did 30 years ago" award.  He lives in L.A. with wife Vanesa and the three kids shown above.  Carl does computer stuff for First Health, the people who probably compute your health insurance payments.  If you aren't getting enough insurance money be sure to tell him :-).

Carl's email is: dospulgas AT earthlink.net

Bill Lawrence

Bill has been married to Jenny since, uh, 1973?  They have four kids and live in Yorba Linda, (somewhere in L.A. I guess).  Bill works for Southern California Edison (or it's parent) on the computer side.

Michael Kim Hujsak

Kim, alias Machine Gun Mike Kim "Machine Gun Mike" Hujsak
about 1995

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Click on it to see the whole thing.

Kim runs a landscaping business and currently [June 2000] lives at his parents' house in La Jolla.

Monte Etherton

Fender Mender staff, 2000 Fender Mender staff: Phill,  Mary,  Monte, and John.

Guess which one is Monte?

Monte and Debbie
June 2000
Monte & Debbie, June 2000
June 2000

Monte is co-owner and operator of Fender Mender in Encinitas, California.  Be sure to check out their web page:  http://www.fendermender.com/
Monte lives in RSF with wife Debbie (Deloy, San Dieguito '71), married 30 years in July 2000!  They have one child, David.

Chris Kane

I don't know where Chris is...

Nancy Fisher

Nancy Fisher, June 2000 Nancy Fisher
June, 2000
Del Mar

La Reine de 
l'Rue Vingt-quatrième

Nancy is owner of Chickadee, a public relations firm in Massachusetts.  Married to Mike since June 1992, she carries away First Place in the "I look better today than 30 years ago" contest.  They live in Wayland, Mass.  I'm very happy that Nancy was once in the band so I've an excuse to post pictures of her.  No pictures of Mike yet, but click here for a June 2000 photo of Nancy and me!

Chip Chapin

Chip w/bass  Hey, that's me!

Yeah, right.  Anyway... I'm married to Evelyn (Fike), a 1973 graduate of Point Loma H.S, and 1977 from University of Southern Mississippi.  Her dad was one of the editors of the San Diego Union for many years.  You know those front-page messages from Helen Copley?  He used to write them.  Evelyn and I married in 1979, have four kids and have lived in San Jose, California since 1985.  I finally graduated from UCSD in 1978 in Computer Science and much later (1997) completed a Masters in CS from Stanford.  I've spent nearly all of the last 20 years as a manager of software development, including 13 years with Hewlett-Packard.  As of now [July 2000] I'm intentionally doing nothing for a while (hence these web pages), and loving it.

Chip: Ever since I came back from the Marines at the end of 1973, most of my music has been church-related.  I've more-or-less continuously played bass in the band at whatever church I was attending.  Between about 1976 and 1978 I played in Christian band called Rapture that played quite a bit around southern california, and was notable for many outstanding originals (none were mine).  Hey, I finally got to make a record in the studio: I played on one that some friends made in about 1977.  In the last ten years or so I've actually directed a number of bands, including one that played monthly at the County Jail for two or three years.  I also run the PA that my wife's band, Set Free, uses.  They are an all-women group that mostly plays County and State correctional facilities.

Chip's email address is cchapin AT cs.stanford.edu (note: I don't have any affiliation with Stanford anymore, but using my alumni account avoids changing email addresses when I change jobs or ISPs.)

Suzie Calen McCluskey

Suzie, SuC, or Suzanne, is an award winning Spanish teacher at San Dieguito Academy (the former San Dieguito High School) in Encinitas!  She has a school web page, but there isn't much on it, and so far her school email address doesn't seem to be reaching her.  I'll work on this...

David Blair

David Blair
and The Pit

June 2000

David lives in Escondido where he owns and operates a reptile and amphibian business called Herp Nut.  He is the world's leading breeder of several species of rare reptiles!  Check out his an excellent web page:  http://herpnut.com/
David is married to the former Cindy Lane (San Dieguito '73) and they have two kids: Ryan and Dillon.

Steve Perl

I don't know ...

Jim Jack

JJ at Moab, 1997 Jim Jack, 1997
Flying Dog Films on 
assignment in Moab.
What's that furry thing?

This is a detail of a larger picture.
Click image to see whole thing.

Jim Jack, 1986
Working at the Grand Canyon.

Click image for larger picture

JJ, Grand Canyon, 1986

Jim is the owner an operator of Flying Dog Films, providing sound recording and mixing services to the TV and film industries.  He has also written a couple of software programs and is selling them on the web as Minutiae Software.  Check out Jim's software company web site:  http://www.minutiaesoftware.com
Jim has been married to Sheri since 1991.

The Pit

The Pit
Rancho Santa Fe
June 2000

The Pit is a steel-reinforced concrete cylinder, 32 feet in diameter and about 8-10 feet high, that sat on the Chapin's property in Rancho Santa Fe.  It was the reservoir when the property was first developed as an orchard in 1928 or so, long before the days of reliable water supplies.  The Chapins bought about half the original property, including the main house (and the reservoir) in 1948.  Except for just a couple of years, I lived there from my birth in 1953 until 1978 when I moved to La Jolla.  My parents sold the property in 1979 and moved a mile up the street to a smaller house.  After my father died in 1998, my mother moved one more mile to a yet-smaller house in the heart of Rancho Santa Fe where she resides today [July 2000].

In 1968 or 69, during a break from practice in our garage, the members of Cinnimon Haze inspected the reservoir.  Carl immediately dubbed it The Pit. Inspired by visions of the ideal practice studio, we demolished its rotting roof and attempted to chisel a hole in the wall.  The manual skills to bring the vision to reality were mostly beyond us, but my dad obliged by having a new roof put on and a 6-foot door jack-hammered into the wall.  Then I ran the electricity, did all the wiring, and hung the famous "George Deukmejian" doors.  Thereafter it became our exclusive practice studio.  I even lived in it for a while.  Most of the 1971 Membrane pictures are in the Pit.  It's foot-thick walls certainly helped to contain the sound, however the doorway was, unfortunately, aimed directly at the only neighboring house in the area (about 100 yards away).  As a result we still sometimes got complaints about the noise...