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At Fri Dec 17 09:40:23 2004 Gregg ( Stick ) Mirr wrote:
I met Chip in the early 70's ; I had the pleasure of sitting in on several sessions at the " pit ". As I recall the music was a whirling dervish of freeform jams that really set that old watertank spinning. I'm still wearing down frets and breaking strings with the " The Busters ". The Busters had our beginnings @ Cowboy Jacks a beer bar in Leucadia ( of course at that time we were known as " The Full Moon Loon band " The owner of the bar would only let us play on the full moon and we were paid in beer ! We're still playing and as always looking for a replacement bass player in the North San Diego area. It was great to run into some memories and remember why my ears ring continually . Anyone interested in playing.... Gregg 760-749-6263
At Sat Aug 21 16:28:19 2004 Scottie B  wrote:
Great site! Still rockin! Scottie "B" and the "C"Men
At Thu Aug 5 13:50:22 2004 Cinnimon Haze wrote:
(Well, actually, he’s already there!)

Please join with
For a FREE afternoon of Rock music from 1968 to 1973 at the
Sunday, August 22 at 2:00 PM (Doors open at 1:30 PM)
David Blair – Vocals, Percussion
Chip Chapin – Bass Guitar
Monte Etherton – Drums, Percussion Effects
Carl Geiberger – Keyboards
J. E. Jack – Bass Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
Bill Lawrence – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Larry Minton – Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
Steve Pearl – Guitar, Drums, Percussion, Vocals
See the story and history of the band at
From DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES: Go south on Interstate 5 to Highway 91. Take Highway 91 east to Highway 57. Take Highway 57 North and exit Yorba Linda Boulevard. Head east (turn right) on Yorba Linda Boulevard and proceed to the Museum at 18001 Yorba Linda Boulevard. 
From LAX: Take Sepulveda to 105 fwy East to 605 fwy South to 91 fwy East to 57 fwy North and exit Yorba Linda Boulevard. Head east (turn right) on Yorba Linda Boulevard and proceed to the Museum at 18001 Yorba Linda Boulevard. 
From SAN DIEGO: Go north on Interstate 5 to Highway 57. Take Highway 57 north and exit Yorba Linda Boulevard. Head east (turn right) on Yorba Linda Boulevard and proceed to the Museum at 18001 Yorba Linda Boulevard. 
From ANAHEIM: Take Katella Avenue to Highway 57. Take Highway 57 north and exit Yorba Linda Boulevard. Head east (turn right) on Yorba Linda Boulevard and proceed to the Museum at 18001 Yorba Linda Boulevard. 
From RIVERSIDE and SAN BERNARDINO: take Highway 91 to Imperial Highway (Highway 90). Go north on Imperial Highway and proceed to Yorba Linda Boulevard. Turn left and proceed to Museum. 

18001 Yorba Linda Boulevard, Yorba Linda, CA 92886
Telephone: (714) 993-3393
At Sat Aug 23 08:57:09 2003 Lorenzo T. Phantom <> wrote:
Update me Chip!!!! signed, the website
At Tue Dec 17 06:50:39 2002 Kim Wilson  wrote:
Just loved the nostalgia! I played in a 60's "garage band" and liked reading all of the comments about what music you played..and why! I am building a "oldies" guitar collection to keep the memory alive for me. HAve a Fender Strat, Gibson Les Paul, Fender Tele, Gibson Melody Maker. Looking for a Lennon Rickenbacker. Thanks for the memories!
At Fri May 31 13:54:00 2002 David Blair  wrote:
On Wednesday afternoon, 5-29-02, my wife Cindy and I drove about forty-five minutes southeast of Escondido to the town of Alpine, CA. We checked into the Country Inn there and several hours later were on a shuttle bus headed to Viejas Casino. Once there we played the slot machines, had a great seafood buffet dinner, and then headed over to a concert in the park for the main event of the evening. After listening to a good local lead-in group for an hour or so the headliners, Jethro Tull, came on stage. Just before they started to play, the guy sitting in the row in front of me turned around and who should it be but Chuck Cockle, a friend that I don't think that I've seen since High School! The wierd thing is that Chuck was really shocked because he remembered that the last time that he had seen me was thirty years ago when he was at a Jethro Tull concert and turned around to see me, Monte, Chip, and others sitting in the row behind him then also! It was a great concert, with the group playing material from the late 60's to the present. They ended with Aqualung and then came back on stage and did Locomotive Breath. We met a guy while at the show that follows JT accross the country and he has seen more than 300 of their concerts over the last 34 years! We stayed at the Casino until almost 2 AM and then took the shuttle back to the hotel. The next morning, I ran into the same JT fan again as I poured a cup of coffee in the hotel lobby. He had been talkin with the bass player from JT, Jonathan Noyce, who I realized was standing right behind me. Looking to my left, there was the lead guitar player, Martin Barre, as well! I returned about a half hour later to the lobby for another cup of coffee, and while filling my cup, someone else walked up next to me do the same thing. It was Ian Anderson! I spoke to him only briefly, but did get to tell him how much I had enjoyed the show the night before and he thanked me for the kind words. As Jethro Tull is one of my favorite groups of all time, this was a real treat! I told the super JT fan (I never did get his name) about this Cinnimon Haze web site, and I hope he will check it out and leave some comments, as he was a tremendous source of information on JT. David.
At Tue Apr 16 01:13:25 2002 Peter Geiberger  wrote:
From the life time song list: Heroin, The Velvet Underground, January 1967 (The Velvet Underground & Nico) (I retain a fairly vivid memory of our introducing this song at the Garden Club in Rancho Santa Fe with David singing. One cannot possibly imagine a less suitable venue, except perhaps a children's daycare center. I was very surprised to find that the LP was released so early) ---------------------------------------- I'm a big fan of the VU, and when I read that my jaw went slack. If anyone else has any memories about that show I'd love to hear them. To be honest, I'm more than a little surprised that a copy of the record made its way to Solana Beach. I know that the VU were on Verve along with Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, so maybe that has something to do with it. But for such a poorly selling album I'm amazed that you guys got your hands on a copy of it. Does anyone remember how it was arranged? The viola part is pretty essential, and I don't remember reading that anyone in the band played one. And does anyone remember working on any other covers from the album? Do any of you remember seeing Warhol's Exploding Plastic Inevitable, which was the avant garde happening that they toured the west coast with? Youth wants to know... As Brian Eno famously quipped, "Only a few hundred people bought that album, but every one of them went on to form a band."
At Thu Mar 14 19:25:23 2002 Steve Evans  wrote:
Didn't go to school with you, but man what a great story! I am sure you were a rockin' band. I love the nostalgia for that era. You have a great site. Peace...
At Thu Mar 14 19:25:00 2002 Mary Lou smith  wrote:
Living in Denver,CO for 23 years, married to Hubie Smith with 2 kids. It's been a long, bumpy road. Remembering all of you fondly, Mary Louise Redd Smith
At Sun Feb 10 04:33:56 2002 Peter Geiberger  wrote:
I was excited to see this site go up, and I've checked it periodically to keep an eye out for updates. I am, among other things, Carl's son. A few more than thirty years after the fact, I'm stumbling my way through my twenties and in a band myself. Although he was never given to hyperbole, I get the feeling that the time he spent in the band have given Carl some of his fondest memories of that time in his life. I still haven't managed to pry the whole story out of him, but this site has given me a look at a person who would go on to become my father, and I very much appreciate the effort that went in to it. I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who'd like to take the time to share memories of Carl as a young man, since he's certainly not sharing them. For someone I know so well he's a bit of a mystery to me. If you feel inspired, please drop me a line at geiberger AT or P.O. Box 50951, Los Angeles, CA 90050. Thanks, Peter Geiberger
At Sun Sep 23 23:21:49 2001 Johnny Mannion  wrote:
Hey guys, I know Steve Perl... I sent him the url for your site... if you want to email me I will forward it to Steve. He used to play in a band with me in the late 70's and early 80's. We are still in touch.
At Sun Feb 18 16:31:10 2001 Mary Forte  wrote:
I am so thrilled! I just read in a local publication that THE Cinnimon Haze has been secretly playing music together again. Do you know if they are planning a show for the next '71 class reunion?
At Thu Jan 18 08:52:21 2001 Robert Briggs  wrote:
Chip writes on the home-page that the band seemed to disappear without leaving a trace. Yet, I perceive my life as being divided into two parts -- before, and after Cinnimon Haze played the long version of Iron Butterfly's Inna Godda Da Vida (Can anyone tell me what that means?...). It was during a gig they played at Earl Warren Jr. Hi. I'd never heard of Iron Butterfly, acid rock, or Inna Godda Da Vida, but I asked Danni Moreno to dance, and the music cranked up. Before that performance, I remember childhood -- tee-shirts with horizontal stripes, popcicles, eeny-meeny-miny-mo, dodge-ball, and the best lunch was a tuna fish sandwitch and a Hostess Snowball. Somewhere in that mystical (hazy?) 15 minutes of hard rock, life changed. Afterwards I remember the war, and girls, and protesters, and girls, and high school, and the draft, and college and marriage and kids and here I am. Funny how that one performance left such a trace, though. In my world, Cinnimon Haze has always been "the" band.
At Fri Nov 24 19:20:36 2000 Bill Blair  wrote:
As Dave Blair's father, his mother and I were ask to be chapperons for a dance one evening at Earl Warren Jr. High School for which Connimon Haze played. The music was very good, but as I remember, it was much more comfortable listening to it from outdoors - it was sooo.. loud!
At Sun Aug 13 07:37:29 2000 Judy Jack  wrote:
Great site, Chip! It's a treat to see you guys again as I remembered you from the seventies. And my brother Jim, well...things have changed a bit for both of us, right, bro? Keep up the great work, Chip et al, and thanks for the memories!
At Sat Aug 12 13:07:17 2000 Chip Chapin  wrote:
OK, there were five entries from Dan. All fixed now... :-)
Yeah, glad you liked the cool pocket protector. Those were actually my then-new glasses.
The name "Cinnimon Haze", while I think it seemed original to us at the time, was definitely inspired by the two songs "Cinnamon Girl" (Neil Young) and "Purple Haze" (Jimi Hendrix), both of which we played.
At Sat Aug 12 08:57:59 2000 Madelyn Scalice  wrote:
One Dan entry is sufficient--but five??? This is the 2000 version of a broken record. I wrote to Chip about remembering seeing him when he played with Rapture at the pizza parlor in Escondido. That was in 1977 when I was working out there. Rapture had a good sound and was a class act.
At Fri Aug 11 22:20:02 2000 Dan the Man Barry(Scalice)  wrote:
Hey! So this is really interesting, I didn't know my mom had any friends...j/k. Speaking of jokes, hey Chip, or it Mr. Chapin, what's the deal with pocket protector bud?(Cinnimon HAze pics)...j/k again. My name's Dan, I'm fifteen and I'm in a band up here in Puyallup WA. I had no idea garage bands even existed back then. That's awesome. And what's really interesting is that most of my band's sound equipment looks pretty much the same as the stuff in the pictures (lots of vintage tube amps). I only sing in the band but I'm a fairly good guitar player so I can write music for us. WE used to call ourselves Special Guest but I was listening to the radio and they anounced us and I thought...wait a minute. And it was really another band named Special Guest. So if you have any good band names for me I'd appreciate it. Cinnamon Haze is an awesome name. Is that a Hendrix twist or did you come up with that name by yourself? Well listen if you know of any record companies looking for an act to sign...send em up! Right on. Keep the music alive, and don't speak too harshley of Barry Manalow, he did make a lot of money. -Dan Barry...Scalice
At Fri Aug 4 17:29:48 2000 Chip Chapin  wrote:
I also remember practicing in Madelyn's living room, at least once, maybe a couple of times? We were learning Rolling Stones songs like "Paint It Black" and somebody had the songbook. Must have been in 1967. I completely agree with Madelyn that there are lots less opportunities for young musicians today. Less dances, I think, and they almost all have DJs. Major bummer.
At Fri Aug 4 17:10:42 2000 Madelyn Scalice  wrote:
Hi everybody! I just keep thinking about those cool Earl Warren and San Dieguito dances with live bands. I remember the time the band practiced in my living room. That was when Chris Kane was doing the singing, so that was early on. My son is in a band now, intent upon stardom. Too bad the kids have DJ's at their dances now instead of bands.
At Fri Aug 4 11:29:38 2000 matt bryce  wrote:
Replace this line with your comments. again, no. I'm sorry, my last entry must have sounded rather rude. That's the last thing in the world I would want you to think, I really do appreciate this site, my aunt recomended it to me because I'm in a band. It really is cool, I like the layout. that one guy, the kid of that one band member. I'm your age, that's interesting, don't ask me why. Anyway, I've wasted enough of your time by making you read this, I'm gone.
At Fri Aug 4 11:24:39 2000 matt bryce  wrote:
Replace this line with your comments...(actually, I think I'll keep that line there if you don't mind) This site's pretty cool, it's way better than my band page. not as many live shots though. Did the bands here do any shows(gigs), or whatever? I saw one pic that looked like a show, but I wasn't sure. Like maybe a basement show. Anyway, cool site, I think it's cool to have little online "memorials".
At Tue Aug 1 00:49:39 2000 Charlie Chapin  wrote:
I'm Chip's oldest son, born in 1982. Reading the account of the band's evolution was really interesting; it brought to life part of my dad's younger years. It's also fun to compare his success as a high school band with my high school experiences with music. Some big similarities, but also some big differences...
At Sun Jul 30 21:50:34 2000 gordon minton  wrote:
this web site needs more pictures of larry, he rocks. cinnamon haze the next generation
At Thu Jul 27 22:10:08 2000 Chip Chapin  wrote:
You want MP3s? Better watch out, you may get your wish... But if you can't wait until I get around to it, ask your nearest ex-Cinnimon Haze (really Membrane) member to give you a listen to "our CD".
At Thu Jul 27 21:49:46 2000 Melinda Vertin  wrote:
What I want to know is....where is the digital download for my MP3 Player???? I want to hear the memories man!
At Wed Jul 26 19:56:24 2000 Greg (T-Bone) Roberts  wrote:
Wow... I mean... WOW. What a cool collage of an interesting piece of the past. Way to go Chip.
At Wed Jul 26 19:21:38 2000 Lou Roberts  wrote:
Good job Chipper! Your site gave me some real belly laughs! I'm so glad that I, like you, look just like I did in high school! (in my brain anyway!) Groovy babe. Lou
At Wed Jul 26 17:26:01 2000 Marcy Lidtke  wrote:
Wow!! It's fun to see the hidden parts of you, Chip. I see now that knowing you for only 10 years is barely the tip of the iceberg. What I like the best is the way cool outfits and the far-out hair styles. We were all on top of the world back then, weren't we? Or at least hoped that we were. Reading this site makes me smile--and reminisce a bit about my own past. Ah, those were the days… Marcy
At Wed Jul 26 14:45:13 2000 Evelyn Chapin  wrote:
I admit to being intrigued by the mysterious past of my husband, learning the truth about a guy I've lived with for twenty years really does a number on ya. Chip, I had no idea you were a...a...MUSICIAN...WITH LONG HAIR...AND...AND, A BASS PLAYER TO BOOT! I'm shocked! SHOCKED! What can I say to such revelations after all these years...I want you to know I still love you, and I will stand by you. The past is over and you've managed to get on with your life. The kids and I will help you to cope and sort it all out. Seriously, I wish that I had been there, I would have loved knowing all you guys then just as I have found I do now that we are all finally meeting!! To the folks I met at the reunion weekend, my sincere hope we will have more opportunities in the near future to continue to grow closer!! I loved every minute of the reunion with you all, and this web page really helped me walk through the door to connect the past to the present. It's amazing to read, both as an avid lover of bands/music, and for a personal glimpse into your past. I feel as if I had been there too from reading this. Following the birth progression and demise of a band is a fascinating biography/snapshot into a group of lives, and a real pleasure to read. Probably the most thorough personal web page I have seen. Keep it up hon! Ev
At Tue Jul 25 09:24:53 2000 Scott Ramsey  wrote:
Wow! What a great page! As for giving your kids a glimpse into your past (I think I fit in that category) you have done an excellent job! I find myself intrigued with Cinnimon Haze and its members. My hat is off to you Chip, and as soon as I get a chance I'll get a link up on my page for you. Well done. Hey Cinnimon, how about a reunion show? ~Scotty
At Tue Jul 18 08:34:38 2000 Chip Chapin wrote:
Congratulations to Monte and Debbie on 30 years of marriage! Debbie, I'm sure it was those years in the band that made Monte such a sweet guy. It was great to see so many friends this past weekend.
At Fri Jul 14 14:57:11 2000 Larry Minton wrote:
Tonight Jim Jack, Carl Geiberger and I are getting together at Jim Jack's palatial Hollywood estate; we'll listen to old tapes AND 45 rpm records that may very well be the long-lost, legendary Tommy Stoye square dance session. If they had to scrap our session and hire real square dance pro-fessionuls, we'll 'fess up (the record credit is "The Sodbusters.") Stand by - for NEWS!
At Thu Jul 13 23:17:17 2000 David Blair wrote:
Chip, I couldn't resist being "next in line" to the President! This web site just keeps getting better and better. You have put so much work into it and even though we may not each respond to every new addition to the site, we are very thankful that you have made it possible for us to "connect" with each other again after so many years and to recapture so many memories that otherwise might have been lost forever. Also, a special note to Monte and Deb whom some of you may know will be celebrating their 30th Wedding Anniversary this week! We all wish you two the the very best on this very special day! Keep up the good work Chip and everyone else start working on your bios and pictures for the "Where are they now" page! David.
At Thu Jul 13 16:32:59 2000 Bill Clinton wrote:
I think Chip's done a fantastic job here. I remember when I used to play sax with a band in my high school in Arkansas. And I just wish that someone would take the time to record those memories. Nothing in my life since then has equalled the feeling of POWER I experienced watching those sweating half-naked bodies undulating to the rhythm of my horn.
At Thu Jul 13 16:23:47 2000 Chip Chapin wrote:
Gosh, this is just so cool! Like, wow, this site is way awesome, and now you've got this cool guestbook!