Middlebury Crew 2000

Lake Dunmore

Novice Practice: Friday, October 6
Parents Learn to Row: Sunday, October 8

The Story In Pictures

Novice Coach Sandra DuBarry
  On October 6, 2000,  visiting Middlebury for Parents Weekend, I was able to ride in the launch with Coach DuBarry during practice and take a few photos.  Then Sunday was the "Parents Learn to Row" session, and my son Charlie took some shots of us old folks taking a pull.  "Way enough!"
What's Here? Novice Practice: Friday Oct 6, 2000 Part 1 -- Preparations for launching.
Part 2 -- Launching the eight.
Part 3 -- Getting in, eight on the water.
Coaching -- Sandra DuBarry
Part 4 -- Both boats together
Parents Learn to Row: Sunday, Oct 8, 2000 Parents 1 -- At the dock and on the water.
Parents 2 -- The first eight on the water.
Animations! Look for GIF animations in Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.
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